Programs that Transform

Zhimble offers Transformation Expertise to medium sized multi-national Companies and Business Units from 1,000 to 10,000 employees.

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Zhimble’s expertise is about:

  • How to successfully transform teams, leadership groups and organisational cultures unto higher levels of accountability, engagement, collaboration and Organisational Health
  • How to develop a high level Safety Culture and/or Quality Culture

Our Programs are all about Leadership & Transformation. Transformation of the leaders is the key enabler for any organisation to transform.

We offer:

  • Cultural Transformation Programs
  • Safety Culture Programs
  • Leadership Transformation Programs
  • Team Development Programs
  • Leadership Coaching

All our programs have a powerful impact on the way Leadership is practiced within teams and organisations. Leaders gain in-depth experience in and understanding of what is transformation. As they apply the insights and practices to themselves, their teams and their organisations, learning and growth is greatly accelerated. Mindsets, behaviours and performance evolve as a consequence.

“I have been part of so many leadership trainings, seen a large diversity of change and behaviour models, and experienced many levels of trainers/facilitators. This was a totally different level of quality and beyond my expectations. I have never experienced this before.”
– Inge Dijksman, Talent Development Lead Materials, DSM –

Participating in a Zhimble Program is a unique experience. It significantly expands the power, creativity and personal leadership of the individual participant. It increases their ability to impact levels of trust, accountability, courage and openness within their leadership reach.

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“Organisations, don’t transform, people do.”
– Richard Barrett –

When leaders begin to master transformation, their organisations continuously evolves into renewed versions of themselves. True leadership is all about transformation.

Transformation is about altering the root perspective, from which we experience and respond to ourselves, others and our various life situations.
– Gita Bellin –

We have delivered multiple Leadership & Cultural Transformation Programs to a wide range of multinational companies over the past 15 years. Programs that create behavioural and cultural change-transformation that is sustainable.

We work with Executive Teams, Top-100/200 leadership groups, Regional Management Teams and local Operations Teams within Corporates, Business Units and Sites.

Historically, our roots lie in transformation and safety culture programs in multi-national companies in the manufacturing industry.